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Recent Office Projects

We Create Spaces that Work!

CMH is often recognized for our distinguished retail projects.  We have also been designing stunning office and corporate environments since 1980.  Below are a few of our recent office projects.

At CMH, we believe the keys to successful projects are communication and responsiveness during the entire design and construction process. We focus on understanding the end user’s needs and functional requirements, looking at them with a fresh perspective, and take pride in developing an efficient, elegant, project-specific solution. We respect, honor, and manage the budget and schedule. We create spaces that work.


North American Mission Board Headquarters

Alpharetta, Georgia

[Click here to see our project look book]


Defensewerx Office Interior

Niceville, Florida

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Brasfield & Gorrie I.T. Operations Center

Birmingham, Alabama

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CMH Welcomes Audrey

It’s time to meet a new face! Join us in welcoming our summer intern, Audrey Phillpott!


Audrey is an upcoming 3rd Year Architecture Student at the University of Florida. She is new to Birmingham, so we offer a warm welcome, excited to get the chance to work with her this summer. A founder of FLOAT, Florida League of Architecture Things, last semester Audrey helped to design and build an interactive installation on campus to promote positive mental health among students. Check out the Q&A below to get to know her!


Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from North Florida but have spent a majority of my life growing up in Auburn, AL (War Eagle!!).

What do like most about school?

Living in Gainesville is one of the best parts about UF. Its just big enough to escape the college atmosphere for a little, but small enough that you always know where you are. My favorite thing about Gainesville is profusely sweating while walking a quarter of a mile across campus due to the humidity. Its like a free sauna every afternoon.  

Tell us about your family!

My mom graduated from Auburn University and my dad graduated from Florida, luckily the two schools rarely play each other in football so very few household rivalries have occurred. I also have two sisters. My older sister graduated from THE Ohio State University this past May and my little sister is about to go into her senior year of high school.

What’s your hidden talent?

I can (poorly) sing every word of every song off Taylor Swift’s debut album.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to go running in my free time, I don’t mind running in the city but I prefer trails. My favorite place I’ve run was in the Pisgah National Forrest in North Carolina. The views are incredible from the top of the mountains!

What is your favorite TV show?

My favorite TV show changes all the time. I usually jump from something more serious like Criminal Minds to something more lighthearted like Hart of Dixie. Sometimes I venture out and watch something classic like Friends or Full House, it just depends on the mood of the day.

What do you like most about CMH?

Everyone at CMH has been so warm and welcoming since I walked into the office.  I was intimidated walking into the building my first day but, as soon as I walked into CMH’s office I felt more relaxed and comfortable.



We are so excited to have Audrey at CMH.  We hope she gets a chance to explore Birmingham and the may running trails in our area during the Summer.


Audrey before becoming a Florida Gator.


Studio Class Presentation


On-site construction visit


Hootie and the Blowfish Concert


Audrey and her dad finishing a half iron-man (Way to go!)

Welcome Back Bradford!

It’s time to welcome back a familiar face to CMH!

Join us in welcoming back our summer intern, Bradford Moore!


Bradford is a Birmingham native and a fourth-year architecture student at Auburn University, returning to CMH Architects, Inc. to join us for another summer internship. She held a student internship position here last summer, and says she is excited to be back for another summer before returning to Auburn in the fall. Bradford recently returned from Rome, Italy, where she studied abroad with Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design, and Construction.


What was your favorite part about studying abroad?

My favorite part about studying abroad was having the opportunity to travel, being exposed to new cultures and seeing works of architecture that I had previously learned about. During four months abroad I was able to travel around Europe and even parts of Asia; visiting Dubai, UAE and New Delhi, India. I am fortunate to have gotten these opportunities, and each experience is one I will never forget.

What do you look forward to most in your fourth year at Auburn University?

I recently was named an Ambassador of Auburn’s College of Architecture, Design, and Construction. In my fourth year, I look forward to being a representative of the CADC to the best of my ability and being more involved within my college.

 Where is your happy place?

Even after travelling all over the world, my happy place rests here in my hometown of Birmingham, AL. I love being home and spending time with my friends and family. I am a family girl through and through, and I don’t know what I’d ever do without them.

 Tell us more about your family!

The Moore household is never boring! Everyone always has something going on, but we are, somehow, always able to come together for family dinners filled with laughter. They are my biggest supporters in every new adventure I decide to take on. My parents are both from Birmingham originally, making it easy to get together with our entire extended family on a regular basis. I also have two sisters: Mary Katherine,22, and Emily, 15. My older sister Mary Katherine, just graduated from Alabama and is getting her MBA before applying to med school. Emily is on dance team at Mountain Brook and never fails to make us laugh. We are so proud of both of them.

What is your favorite TV Show?

If you know me then you definitely know that my all-time favorite TV show is Friends! It never fails to put me in a good mood, and it is easy to play in the background during long hours in the studio. However, I am currently watching Gilmore Girls for the first time, and it is a close second.

What is your hidden talent?

I don’t think that many people know this, but for 17 years I was a competitive dancer in addition to being on dance team for my school for 6 years. I miss dancing and wish it was still a part of my life. However, if you’re looking for a more quirky hidden talent… I can wiggle my ears!

What is your favorite thing about CMH?

What I like most about CMH is the people that surround me on a daily basis. Not only were they welcoming and willing to help me learn, but I have the opportunity to work with every person in the firm. There is no strong divide, and each person is equally as involved.



We are very excited to Bradford back for another Summer!  Here is a brief glimpse of where she has been recently —


Rome, Italy


Venice, Italy


Vienna, Austria


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (War Eagle!)


Birmingham, Alabama (Back Home)

When a Bike Is More Than a Bike

Birmingham, Ala. (June 9, 2014) — When is a bike more than just a bike?  In the case of the bikes made in Hale County by HERO, each bike is much more than the sum of its parts.

I have been working with Merrill Stewart from Stewart Perry Construction to help him with renovations at his Shoal Creek home, as well as doing the interior architecture/design for his family’s new cabin in Cashiers, North Carolina.  During a meeting at Merrill’s office a few months ago, I had noticed a bamboo-framed city bike in the office lobby and commented to Merrill how I was familiar with the bike because of its recent exposure at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.  After Merrill learned that I was an avid cyclist, he would come to make a very generous gesture and offered me the bike as a form of appreciation for my ongoing work with him on his projects.  For that, I cannot thank Merrill enough, as the bike has not only become a conversation piece amongst everyone who sees it, but it has also been a fun way for me to get around my neighborhood and will be perfect for the next time I take my kids to Railroad Park to ride bikes.

Why a conversation piece?  It starts with the bamboo frame, which has a front triangle made of sections of bamboo that are sliced and glued together in a hex shape with carbon fiber lining.  Upon first seeing it, one of my daughters immediately dubbed it the Pencil Bike.  I could list all of the specifics, but a more thorough gear review of the bike can be found on my racing team’s website at

The other reason the bike becomes the topic of conversation is because I make it a point to inform everyone that not only are the bikes made in-state (in Greensboro, the birthplace of Auburn University’s Rural Studio), but the proceeds are used to fund the Hale Empowerment and Revitalization Organization (HERO).  HERO’s mission is to end poverty in Alabama’s Black Belt by providing economic development, community resources, housing education, and affordable housing construction.  I strongly encourage anyone reading this to visit to learn more about this passionate organization.  Additionally, a visit to will provide you with an opportunity to see the various bikes they have for sale.  If you want to see a nice video article from CBS regarding Pam Dorr, who is the executive director of HERO, click here.  For that matter, just google “Pam Dorr Greensboro Alabama” and see what else pops up.




CMH Designs Housing for New Charity Project

Birmingham, Ala. (May 27, 2014) — CMH recently had the pleasure of working with Mary Wright from Heritage Homes and Land Acquistions (HHLA) to develop prototype loft style apartment housing designs.  The purpose of Mary’s HHLA organization is to help former convicts from the state prison system get back on their feet with an affordable, yet desirable, housing alternative while they work their way back into mainstream society.

Mary has a real heart for ministry, and has been working alongside her husband volunteering in prison ministry.  She has seen firsthand how hard it can be for reformed felons to re-integrate into the job market and into daily life in general.  Phase One of her HHLA project will be to construct one-bedroom units that can be rented at affordable prices until such time comes that a former convict has enough money saved up to rent a cottage or purchase a small home (potentially Phases Two and Three of HHLA).

If you would like to learn more about Mary Wright and her ministry project, see the following website:!my-charity/c1s6z.  CMH is proud to have served as a pro-bono partner in this project, and we look forward to continuing to progress the design as construction nears.